CAD.jpgThe Industrial Division specializes in the extensive design and installation of power systems including medium voltage applications, instrumentation and process control solutions, PLC, DCS, and related network control functions, and power monitoring services.

The industrial team is manned with over 100 years of experience and expertise needed to undertake the stringent standards associated with the construction of new and upgraded wastewater treatment facilities, co-generation plants, emergency generating plants, hazardous recovery facilities, and all types of industrial electrical construction projects. We are able to utilize quality design and construction to complete some of the most challenging industrial projects in the western United States.

The sheer magnitude of these projects makes them difficult, but the ability to complete them successfully speaks volumes to the capability of Dynalectric.

  • Power Generation/Co-generation
  • Oil Refineries/Fuel Storage
  • Paper/Lumber Manufacturing
  • Underground High Voltage
  • Process Instrumentation
  • Water & Sewage Treatment Plants